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Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench

Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench
Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench
Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench
Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench
Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench
Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench
Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench

Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench    Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench

Swing gondola head of pit chair suspended metal notice 1868 garden bench. This product sheet has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Suspended bench swivelling chair suspended metal gondola garden bench notice 1868. With this comfortable hanging bench for 2 people, you can fulfill the dream of a porch swing in your garden, winter garden, on the terrace or in any other place.

With its high-quality vintage look, this hanging sofa attracts everyone's attention. Thanks to the sturdy wrought iron, the bench offers great stability. With built-in hooks, you can simply hang the hanging swing in an existing frame or on a tree. The attached illets simplify this. The swing can be loaded up to 150 kg.

An extension of the suspension height is possible with chains (not included). Set-up in just 2 steps. Unfold the fully assembled bench, screw the two side parts onto the unfolded bench. Seated dimensions: width 96 cm, depth 45 cm back height: 60 cm width 105 cm, depth 55 cm, height 60 cm height to suspension (extendable): 132 cm weight: 22 kg.

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The applicable data protection regime grants you rights (rights of information and intervention) vis-à-vis the. Responsible for the treatment, which we inform you below. The item \"swing pod head pit head suspended metal notice 1868 garden bench\" is on sale since Thursday, October 8, 2020. It is in the category \"garden, terrace-garden furniture, terrace-chairs, swings, benches\".

The seller is \"dandibo-de\" and is located in wietzendorf. This item can be shipped to the following countries: France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium.

  1. sitle: 96 cm x 45 cm
  2. particularities1: to cook rest back
  3. particularities9: laptop
  4. particularities3: washable
  5. seatlar: 96 cm
  6. particularities5: weather resistant, water resistant, waterproof, adjustable
  7. particularities7: waterproof
  8. particularities6: antique look, for the interior suitably
  9. scoder seat: 45 cm
  10. particularities8: environmentally friendly
  11. style of the product: antique
  12. type: rocking bench
  13. : 190 cm
  14. msl only material: metal
  15. : 55 cm
  16. colori: braun
  17. matter: metal
  18. largeur: 105 cm
  19. particularities: heat resistant, with armrests, on swing, fixed
  20. mark: dandibo
  21. particularities2: with record
  22. number of places: up to 2
  23. load capacity: 150 kg
  24. -component number: 3
  25. top of the folder: 60 cm
  26. ean: 4260407939891
  27. particularities4: sunscreen
  28. manufacturer's part number: not applicable

Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench    Swing Nacelle Pit Head Suspended Metal Notice 1868 Garden Bench